5 Myths For Not Buying Health Insurance


Do you ever wonder if buying health insurance is worth it? Of course, we all do! While there are those that don’t hesitate to buy health insurance, there are those that have reasons not to buy health insurance. Let’s face it, there are some myths people use as reasons to not buy a plan.

Myths for not buying health insurance 

  1. Cost. Young families are often asking themselves “What are the necessities?” This is a great question to ask because think about the cost of daycare, student loans, mortgages, and day to day living. Some people think that the cost of health insurance is too expensive. It is reality; medical care is expensive, but you also do not want to dig yourself into a financial hole that you won’t be able to dig out of. Do you have enough money saved in case something were to happen to you or to a member of your family? If you did have a medical emergency without insurance those bills would just keep piling up, and in turn leading to astronomic debt. Do your research before you make that final decision.
  2. I am healthy! I eat right, I stay active, I have passed all my physicals in the past, I am in my prime years, why would I need health insurance? There is no better time than when you are at your healthiest and strongest to get health insurance. You can make your plan fit your needs now, but what happens if you get seriously ill? It will be harder and more expensive to get the same plan as when you were fit and healthy.
  3. Plans do no cover what you want. Ok, lets take a moment and think about buying a car. You want to buy a new car, but now you want to custom build it. Maybe you want to swap out the engine, put some new wheels/rims on, redo the interior or maybe even add a new paint job. The more stuff you add, the pricier it gets right? It is the same thing with health insurance. You cannot get more for less. If you want to add more items on to your policy such as, chiropractic services, acupuncture, optical, etc., it will cost more. Think about this when it comes time to make changes to your policy, or if you are buying a new policy.
  4. Changes in your personal situation. Changes in life doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in your policy. Did you know that you can change your health insurance plan if you get married, divorced, have kids, or your financial needs change? Do your research, and then reach out to your representative to see how they can help you.
  5. I don’t understand health insurance and I don’t know where to start. When open enrollment begins, many people get discouraged, stressed, and overwhelmed when having to go through the health insurance information. Fear not! Reaching out to a health insurance broker will help alleviate some of that stress. They will help you navigate through those policies, determine what kind of coverage you need, go through the pros and cons, and help evaluate costs and types.

We hope that we have dispelled some of the myths about not buying health insurance.

We take the stress out of finding the right policy for you and your family. Before you buy any health insurance, give us a call and we will help you find just the right plan for you.