Health Insurance Plan

Choosing the Right Health Insurance Plan

Not all health insurance plans are alike. Each plan has different features some of which you may or may not want or desire. The thing to remember is to find the health insurance plan that suites you and your family the best. You will want to look at what the plan covers, and the costs involved.

There are generally 3 ways to get health insurance

📌 From your employer

📌 From the government

📌 From a private source

We will be talking about private insurance plans. There are times when this is the best option. Such as divorce, loosing your job, too costly to add family members, or a family member retired. In that case you also would want to investigate purchasing private insurance through a broker. There are many options and a broker can help you find the one that meets your health care and budget needs. So, if you are considering purchasing your own insurance, there are somethings you will want to consider when choosing a health insurance plan.

Health Insurance Plan

For Your Consideration  

👉 Current MD – you will want to find a plan that your current doctors are in the network plan.

👉 Hospital – is your local hospital (s) in the provider network and if so which ones.

👉 Pharmacy – What drugs are covered? Some plans offer discounts if you order your prescriptions by mail.

👉 What additional services are covered? Vision. Dental, Physical Therapy, Chiropractor?

👉 What are the costs for service if you go out of your network?

👉 What are the co-payments for services such as going to the ER, x-rays, tests, bloodwork, outpatient visits and or surgeries?

👉 What will your premium be and what will your out of pocket costs be?

👉 Does it cover mental health issues?

A balance needs to be achieved between what your insurance needs are and what the costs are for the coverage you are seeking. It can be difficult to determine the best options for you and that is why you will want to talk to a broker who can help educate you and sort through all the options.

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