Group Coverage


Healthy employees are happy, productive employees. Explore our plan options designed to meet the needs of your employees and their families.

Grantlyn Health Insurance can help you and your employees save money, improve productivity and attendance, and boost satisfaction and retention.

You deserve a true professional to manage the options, rising costs, and compliance requirements of your benefits programs. As a leading advisor of broad-based benefits solutions, you gain from our experience in designing plans that support your company’s sustained success, including:

  • Plan Development & Design
  • Supporting Services (e.g. Wellness, Underwriting)
  • Communications and Online Services (e.g. Enrollment)
    (Fees may apply)
  • Expanded Business Solutions (e.g. COBRA)
  • Retirement Plan Services
  • Executive and Individual Benefits
  • Compliance Services (e.g. ERISA, Health Care Reform)

Here is how you will see added vision and structure in your benefits plan as we work together to improve your benefits process:

Administer Efficiently

You will see the creation of a streamlined and efficient benefits administration system.

Provide Tools

After collaborating to clearly define your goals, you receive the tools to achieve them.

Communicate Value

You have a system for communicating the value of your benefits program.

Build Relationships

You, and your personnel, are connected with our staff and insurance company representatives—creating meaningful relationships based on trust.

Align Goals

You receive knowledge and guidance from us to align your benefits vision with your enterprise-wide objectives.

You have organizational goals, excellent people, and exciting market opportunities. You deserve the kind of relationships and experience that will help you capitalize on all three while controlling your premiums.


Get a personalized recommendation and find out which plan is right for you. Browse networks and plans, then choose from 2 networks and 8 individual and family plans. Same great quality, different levels of coverage.