How to Lower Your Health Insurance Premiums


In the world today when human health and life are extremely precarious, getting a health insurance policy becomes mandatory for every individual. Health insurance can be of immense benefit in the hours of need. It brings requisite money at your doorstep to meet your medical and other expenses. On the other hand it is also a great help to your family.

But despite of being aware of the value of an individual’s life and also of the countless advantages fetched by a health insurance policy, people hesitate in taking it. According to surveys the primary reason behind it is the cost of the policy. However, if a person is little vigilant, he can always gain the pleasure of a health insurance policy at affordable rates.

The cost of a health insurance policy varies greatly with the region in which an individual is located. All the health insurance plans are not available everywhere. For instance, citizens of places like Washington State and Kentucky do not have many options to explore. People residing in the rural areas such as Texas and the like do not get to save enough on HMO policies due to lack of people that make it economical. Similarly, some states do not have the option for an association health plan. However, these things should not obstruct you from buying a health insurance policy. For there are quite a few ways in which you can acquire a reasonably priced life insurance policy.

In order to have an affordable policy, the foremost thing to be done is to opt for a health insurance broker who is well acquainted with the insurance market and business. Internet is the perfect means to hunt for an agent. A broker will not just present different market rates to you but will also negotiate with the company for the rates. Moreover, he will also tell you what are the different ways in which you can  lower your premiums like by joining a group etc.


Another good way to procure an affordable policy is to obtain online quotes. There are quite a few sites that will assist you with the requisite details after you give them some general information about yourself.

You should also visit to your state insurance departments website. Here you will see the complete list of companies that sell individual coverage as well as those that sell without brokers in your state.

You can also look up the state’s insurance pool. At many places such as Texas, those individuals who do not get coverage anywhere else are covered under the high-risk pool.

For those who have debilitating physical conditions, COBRA legislation is good option.

You can also form your own small group. For small groups, the employer group policies are quite often subject to different rules. These are offered at relatively low prices and turn out to be more spirited.

Finally, you can even become a part of an association or group that has group coverage.


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