Eating Habits

Improving Your Health Through Better Eating Habits.

Eating Habits

With the arrival of 2020 comes the inevitable crop of new years resolutions that may or may not be kept, but if you want to improve your overall health in 2020 resolving to improve your eating habits is something to consider. So, if you want to feel better and be healthier this year, here are a few simple things you can do through nutrition.

Healthy Eating Habits – Eliminate Sugar.

This method is the fastest way to improve your health through your eating habits. Not only are you lowering your risk of diabetes when you quit eating sweets, but you also get other benefits as well. Here are a few things you can expect from cutting out sugar in your diet.

A Better Looking Waistline.

One of the things caused by all those insulin spikes your body undergoes by eating sugar is belly fat. Repeated insulin spikes cause what is known as visceral fat that gathers around your abdomen. Why is visceral fat bad? In addition to causing an expanded waistline, visceral fat is associated with heart disease and cancer, so eliminating sugar will not only help you to look your best but reduce the risk of those diseases.

More Energy.

If there are no additional underlying health issues, cutting out sugar will give you more energy that lasts longer. A sugar rush may give you momentary energy, but the crash shortly thereafter negates the brief surge of power you experienced. Once your body maintains normal insulin levels, you will have more energy that won’t go up and down like a bad day on the stock market.

Healthy Eating Habits – Increase the Percentage of Vegetables in your diet.

Good for Your Gut.

Vegetables have been a mainstay in healthy diets for centuries; there is a good reason for that. Long before any studies proved the health benefits of vegetables, anecdotal evidence made it clear that people who ate plants were healthier than those who did not. Today we know about the slew of vitamins and nutrients in vegetables, but we are also discovering its relationship to the new field of Gut Health. Contained in various vegetables are good bacteria which help your body to digest food efficiently and give you a healthier intestinal system. A study by the American Gut Society showed that people who eat 30 or more types of vegetables on a weekly basis had greater bacterial diversity in their gut and it can lead to genes which are not resistant to antibiotics.

Better Looking Skin.

Studies have shown that eating vegetables lead to healthier-looking skin. One study done by the Univerity of Nottingham in 2010 found that because of eating vegetables high in carotenoids, like tomatoes and carrots, subjects in the study had healthier skin color than those in the control group and those who did not eat vegetables. Better looking skin has also been found to be a benefit of eliminating sugar from your diet.

Reduced Health Risks.

Vegetables in numerous studies have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, improve the immune system and more. So, if you are serious about being healthier in 2020, eating vegetables is key.

Healthy Eating Habits – Lean and Mean.

Lean protein is a great way to help build muscle tissue while not being loaded with cholesterol and unhealthy fats. Poultry that is skinless and is not deep-fried is excellent for your health, and the same standards go for fish.

2020 can be your healthiest year yet through these suggestions and a reasonable exercise regimen. All you have to do is start with your eating habits.

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