Managing Stress in a Disruptive World


Working from home was the one phrase most of us wanted to hear. The ability to work in our pj’s, not being stuck in traffic, not having to rush, knock off some of the ‘to do’ list for the weekend, no office distractions, being more productive, a flexible schedule, etc.  Sounds amazing right?!? Of course, it does! However it can cause stress.

After a couple of weeks of working from home do you find yourself being more productive? Do you find yourself confronting emotional and psychological stress? Is stress affecting your relationship with your family? Are your kids home schooled, and you find that you are trying to manage your time between your job and helping your kids with their schoolwork? You are not the only one that wants to pull their hair out!

Ways To Decrease Stress

There are ways to decrease our stress and come out on the other side of this crisis benefiting from at least something positive. Let’s start with the news. Turn it off! Not all news it created equal. If you give the problems more attention, that will lead to more anxiety which also leads to more stress. Now, I am not saying don’t listen to the news, just try not to fixate on the negative. Instead, do something that you enjoy. Maybe that means reading a book or watching a funny movie. Another suggestion to manage emotions like depression, anger, or anxiety is practicing self-care. Find ways to relax like taking a hot bath or working on some craft projects. Call and check in on family and friends. Staying connected through zoom, facetime or another form of video chat is a great way to keep morale up. Keep your mind occupied and maintain your health. Try to eat healthy and stay moving, whether that means walking with your dog or running on the treadmill. Exercising releases endorphins which in turn will trigger positivity.

Adults aren’t the only ones coping with stress. With schools being closed and extra-curricular activities being cancelled, children and teens are struggling too. It is important to keep children on a schedule and for their days to have some structure and normalcy. Self-care is also important for kids as well as adults. Try and develop a schedule where children can play games or enjoy their favorite hobby. Talking or video chatting with family and friends, family activities such as reading books, playing board games or even creating a scavenger hunt are great ways to keep them busy and active. Another way to decrease anxiety is just staying active. For example, playing ball in the backyard, going on a walk, playing with pets, start a garden or even just playing music.

Everyone is learning how to live a little differently and making decisions. So many people are not only affected with the COVID-19 virus itself but are also affected emotionally and psychologically. Plain and simple, this virus is causing disruption in our routines. Routines are habits and those habits are key to being productive. To overcome some of the disruptions in our lives right now is to ask yourself if your coping capabilities strong enough to withstand this challenge, this disruption. In a time where everything seems uncertain, it’s important to try to form new habits, stay positive, and focus on the things that you can control.

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