Staying Mentally and Physically Healthy While Staying Home

staying home

For many of us, social distancing has become the new routine, the new way of life.  This new way of living has left us staying home a lot more than we had anticipated. While we are hopeful that there is an end to this soon, here are some ways to stay healthy both mentally and physically while being stuck at home.

  1. Wash hands frequently

You have probably heard this too many times but washing your hands frequently and properly will help prevent the spread of germs. Tip: Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice.

  1. Exercise

For the time being, going to the gym is not an option, however, you can enjoy the outdoors by going bike riding, rollerblading, walking, running, walking your dog; get creative. Gyms and trainers are also offering virtual classes. Fitness apps such as Peloton have an amazing variety of classes for those of you that are looking to break up your routine. Remember, just a few min of exercise every day improves your overall health, so find something fun and get moving.

staying home

  1. Take breaks

For the sake of your sanity, TAKE A BREAK.  Netlfix has this way of drawing us in, and a few hours later we find ourselves binge watching, still stuck on the couch. Or we are working from home unaware of staring at a computer screen for hours. Take a break. Take a walk. Stretch. Meditate. While we are spending more time at home, we are also spending more time sitting. It is important to keep moving to relieve tension and overall stress.

  1. Manage stress and sleep

This ongoing pandemic of 2020 has increased worry, stress, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, changes in eating patterns and even sleeping patterns. There are ways to manage stress and to stay resilient. Practice not perfection is key. Stay consistent in the method(s) you use to manage stress. Have you tried yoga? Meditation? Walking? There are plenty of apps in the digital meditation space such as Calm or Headspace. Maybe meditating is not your thing. The Peloton app has increased in popularity since COVID. They offer classes such as running, walking, strength exercises, bootcamps, meditation, etc. Stay mindful and move away from those racing negative thoughts, and more to positivity.

Stress management looks different for everyone. The most important thing right now is taking care of your physical and mental health. Set up and establish a routine to de-stress. It could be as simple as going to bed and waking at the same time every day, changing your eating patterns, it could even be having virtual happy hours with your friends. Find what works for you, what makes you happy, but remember to focus on positive thoughts.


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