Lighter Side of Insurance

The Lighter Side of Insurance

When one thinks of insurance; auto, home and health come to mind almost immediately. We tend to think of them as must haves, but did you know there is a lighter side of insurance. The world of Insurance can have its weird coverage’s and odd claims We thought it would be fun to share some of these with you.

Body parts Did you know that Gene Simmons from the band Kiss insured his tongue for $1 million? He is not the only one to have insured body parts. Remember Tom Jones? He is said to have insured his chest hairs for nearly $7 million. J-Lo’s famous buttocks is said to be insured from $27 million to $1 billion. Dolly Parton is said to have insured her most famous body parts for $6 million. Lighter Side of Insurance

Alien Abduction Insurance.  Just in case you are abducted by aliens. However, you must pass a lie-detector test, and provide video footage or a third-party witness of the abduction in order to have your claim paid.

Wedding Insurance.  Just in case you need to cancel your wedding. Getting married but not sure and think you may have a change of heart? Well, there is an insurance for that so long as you cancel the wedding a year before and only the couple’s parents get reimbursed.

Ghosts, Poltergeists and other Abnormal Phenomena. This policy offers protection against injury or death caused by ghosts, poltergeists, or other abnormal phenomena including if you are turned into a werewolf or vampire.

Horse Breeding Insurance. Does your racehorse suffer from erectile dysfunction? Yes, there is insurance for that too.

Kidnapping Insurance. This policy will cover the ransom payment, income loss, medical care and other expenses should you be kidnapped.

Lottery Insurance. If you own a business and your employees pool their resources to buy lottery tickets, they win, and then they all quit, this insurance will help you pay for hiring temps and training new employees.

We hope you enjoyed the lighter side of insurance. Need some help with your health insurance? We are always here to help guide you so you understand your policy better. You can always contact us