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Tips for Finding the Right Health Insurance

health insurance

Even though open enrollment for health insurance in Florida is not until November of 2020, its never too early to start thinking about what health insurance would work best for you. Knowing what health insurance you want is also wise if a life-changing event occurs, which lets you change coverage right away. Have you given any consideration to what you need? Do you have a spouse and multiple children? Are you and your significant other in your retirement years and the children are all grown? Are you in excellent health, or are you suffering from several conditions? All of these things require different health insurance plans.

Know Where You Need to Enroll for Health Insurance.

In Florida, you can enroll at or Enrollment runs from November 1st, 2020 to December 18th, 2020.

Even if You Are Happy with Your Current Plan, Check for Better Options.

Companies in the health insurance marketplace can change from year to year, that means that premiums could go down. If you don’t check to see what plans are available in 2020, you could be missing out on better coverage for a lower rate. It is like anything else you purchase; shopping for a bargain is always the smart thing to do.

Premiums Are Not the Whole Story.

It’s easy to zero in on a health insurance plan’s monthly premium, but that does not equal yearly costs. Not all plans are equal, and some will have higher co-payments and deductibles. There are a number of sites and apps that calculate what the estimated yearly cost will be for a given health insurance plan. This idea goes hand in hand with the previous tip; knowing what your health insurance plan will actually cost you a year is vital in finding the best bargain.

Do You Need a Top of the Line Health Insurance Plan?

If you have no health conditions, eat healthily, and get plenty of exercise, do you really need the same health insurance as someone who has a chronic health condition and is obese? If you don’t get colds and only visit the doctor once a year or less, then why pay for a plan that covers high prescription costs? That being said, you are not invincible. It would be pertinent to have a health insurance plan that covers hospital and physical therapy costs. Life is unpredictable, and people are hurt by things like car accidents and falling off ladders every day. Having at least catastrophic health insurance will keep you from going broke over hospital stay and recovery costs.

If it Seems to Good to be True…

Use common sense when shopping for health insurance. If you see a plan that promises all sorts of benefits with no deductible and low monthly costs, then it probably is a scam. Some scams advertise just those terms, but in the fine print, the co-pay on things like hospitalization can be 90% of the daily costs. Some offer things like a prescription discount card instead of a covering the drug costs. Some of the plans are not good at trusted pharmacies, and instead use pharmacies in run-down strip malls or mail order. With disreputable pharmacies, you can never be sure if you are actually getting the prescription you need or some watered-down version. So, buyer beware when shopping for health insurance, there are no free lunches.

Being prepared to pick the best health insurance plan for you when open enrollment begins can benefit your health and your bank account.

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