What Happens When You Do Not Have Health Insurance Coverage

health insurance coverage

In 2018 Florida the uninsured rate for those without health insurance coverage was about 14% or more than 2.8 million people without health insurance. Most of them were those working between 18-65. In 2019 it was 13%.

Those without health insurance coverage are less likely to seek health care when they are ill. They are less likely to go to a doctor for routine care. They will postpone going to a doctor when they know they should. Not having health insurance can lead to not receiving treatment early enough for diseases or illnesses. When someone has to self-pay for medical care the costs are high, and their financial situation may not be such that they can afford the cost of a doctor visit, test or procedure.


Here is what you need to know if you do not have health insurance coverage

  1. While there is no longer a tax penalty for not having health insurance, some states may require it.
  2. Doctors and other health care providers are not required to provide you services if you are unable to pay for them. Only emergency rooms are required to provide care.
  3. There is a risk of having medical debt when you do need services for an accident or illness.

health insurance coverage

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, as to why people are uninsured

  1. Cost – Was the number one reason. In 2018
    1. 45% of uninsured non-elderly adults said they were uninsured because the cost is too high
  2. Access – was the second reason. In 2018
    1. 21% of uninsured non-elderly adults said they were uninsured because the person who carried the health coverage in their family lost their job or changed employers.
    2. More than 1 in 10 do not have insurance because they lost Medicaid due to a new job/increase in income or the plan stopping after pregnancy (13%) and
    3. 1 in 10 were uninsured because of a marital status change, the death of a spouse or parent, or loss of eligibility due to age or leaving school.

If you do not have health insurance coverage for you and or your family, there are options for you. If you would like to discuss these options please contact us at 239-770-1576 or alyson@bestplanoptions.com