quit smoking

What Happens When You Quit Smoking?

quit smoking

So, you are on the fence about quitting cigarettes. You worry that it may be too late to undo the damage years of smoking has done. The good news is that not all damage from smoking is permanent. If you quit before you get emphysema or COPD, you won’t get them. It’s true; it isn’t too late to live a healthier life without the damaging effect of cigarettes.  So here is what happens when you quit smoking.

Quit Smoking and Breathe Easy.

The most evident result when you quit smoking, it’s easier to breathe. The American Lung Association says when you quit smoking, the cilia (tiny filter hairs) in your lungs start working again and your breathing will improve in just a few weeks. Your lung capacity will also increase, which means that running, swimming, biking, and in-line skating all become easier.  The cilia will do their job and expel tar and other toxins from your lungs. Even smokers with COPD will feel a noticeable improvement in their breathing when they quit.

Bloody Good.

After you quit smoking, you will experience increased blood flow to vital organs due to improved oxygen levels.  Another benefit is increased blood flow to the skin. Your smoker’s skin tone will be replaced with a healthier color and tone.  When men stop smoking, they get another benefit of improved circulation; they are unlikely to encounter erectile dysfunction. Many of the causes of erectile dysfunction are linked to reduced blood flow such as heart disease, clogged blood vessels, and high blood pressure; all of which can be caused by smoking.

What’s That Smell?

When you stop smoking is that you won’t smell like an old ashtray anymore. It repulsive, even to a casual smoker, when someone reeks of cigarettes. Not smelling like smoke is perhaps the quickest thing to change when you throw out the cigarettes.

Don’t Quit Smoking and Go Broke.

Among the good reasons to quit smoking is one that is not health-related. The cost of cigarettes continues to skyrocket due to federal and state taxes. Let’s say a pack of cigarettes costs around $8.00.  A two-pack a day smoker would pay $5,840 annually. Some smokers are faced with deciding which expenses they can eliminate to buy cigarettes. When you quit smoking, it will give you more disposable income, which you could use for vacation, a car, or investments.

Time After Time.

Giving up cigarettes will increase your free time. You won’t have to stop for cigarettes on the way home or stand outside in the rain smoking. The extra time could be used to relax or to work on your business.

quit smoking

Quit Smoking and Feel Better.

Maybe the biggest benefit of quitting cigarettes is that you feel better. Some smokers who quit state it even changed their life, and wished they had quit earlier. With increased oxygen capacity comes increased energy and an upbeat outlook. You may be irritable for a few days after you quit smoking, most people start to feel better in around a month. No more having to listen to loved ones nagging you to quit smoking, which can make anyone feel better. When a person who has quit smoking goes out on a date, they are more likely to make a connection because they won’t instantly be rejected for smelling like smoke.

So, if you want to be happier, look better, feel better, and have more money, just quit smoking. You will ask yourself why it took so long for you to quit in the first place.

Smoking is one of the factors that effects the cost of your health insurance premiums. If you are no longer a smoker and what to see if we can lower your costs, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.